Focusing on diversity, growth and retention of minority and women dealers

Since 1972, GM has provided leading opportunities to qualified minorities to help prepare them to become dealers and to help them succeed once they become dealers. GM was the first U.S. automaker to institute a structured minority dealer initiative in the industry.

Through Minority Dealer Development, General Motors has created an arena through which potential minority dealers can be nurtured to success, and current minority dealers can get the necessary support to grow their business.

GM is committed to "Changing the Face of Automotive Retail." Through MDD, GM has created numerous opportunities for talented minorities to become successful automotive dealers.

The GM Women’s Retail Network (WRN) is comprised of women dealers, staff, and stakeholders working together to improve dealer quality and profitability by leveraging mutual support systems that benefit its members. The WRN is dedicated to increasing the female presence in the automotive industry by attracting women into GM retail organizations as dealer operators, managers and employees and by making the dealership environment attractive to female customers and employees.